Adding users to your event / user roles

It is possible to add other people to your event, in order to collaborate. You can find the shared event on your Dashboard. Per event you can assign the roles of Administrator, Event Manager, Producer and Observer to people inside or outside your organisation. When a user is added, they will receive an email from Momice, containing a link that allows them to register or login.

You can choose from the following user roles:

  • Administrator
  • Event Manager
  • Producer
  • Observer

It is not possible to assign the role of Owner to another person. The Administrator has the same rights as the Owner, except for the right to delete events.

CAUTION: In order to assign the Administrator, Event Manager or Producer role to someone else, you need a Momice licence. The person you assign the role to, also needs to have a licence. Adding an Observator is always possible, but they must also have a user account. An Observator can be requested via

The differences between the roles are indicated in the image below: