Advanced marketing feature

For marketing professionals, the advanced website analytics offer the possibility to measure the performance of the event website. For example, the number of visitors and conversion rate of each website page.

This function is only suitable in combination with a data analysis tool, as you need a Javascript to measure and generate data. Examples of analytics tools are Google Analytics and LuckyOrange.

Before implementing the Javascript, you have to check the settings in your data analysis tool. As Momice event websites do not have a cookie wall, it is not allowed to retrieve personal data of your website visitors. Additionally, it is recommended to anonymize your Javascript code before implementing it in Momice, in order to only track anonymous cookies. Please note: because no personal data will be retrieved, retargeting is not possible. 

After inserting your required Javascript in the Momice advanced marketing function, you will receive data of the event website and the related pages. This data will provide insight into: the number of visitors, the time spent per page, and the amount of bounces. 

Please note: specific Momice event pages will be displayed as a number and not as a text in the analysis tool. The URL will show the number for each corresponding event page.

In the data analysis tool it is possible to observe trends that show the popularity of your event pages. Based on these trends you can gain insight in how many visitors actually registered on your registration page.