Basic marketing feature Momice

The marketing function of Momice enables search engines to locate and find your event website. Be cautious before you click on 'save' and proceed to the next step: these settings are automatically saved by the search engines (for example Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo).

The SEO title is also known as meta title and is the largest visible text in the search engine. See image below.

Furthermore, an event description is requested - also known as meta description. The meta text appears directly below the URL in the search engine results. We recommend to use no more than 155 characters. All additional characters (>155) will not appear in the search engine results. 

Note: this includes spaces and punctuation marks.

It is recommended to keep the structure of your meta title and meta description consistent and recognisable. Doing so ensures optimal results in the search engine display.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The marketing function in Momice does not guarantee that your event website appears on the first page of the search results, this requires more Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On top of a clear meta title and meta description, there are various ways to increase the findability of your event website:

  • Make sure all texts are unique. Search engines recognize texts that are duplicated and consequently give your website a lower rating. If you decide to duplicate, clearly state the source and place the text between quotation marks. 
  • Make sure the content on your website is related to the topic of your event.
  • Frequently use popular keywords in the content. You can determine these keywords using a trend analysis tool such as Ahrefs or Google Trends.
  • Pay attention to consistent language use and proper use of punctuation marks.
  • Use backlinking: aim to place the URL of your event website on social channels and other websites.
  • Write search engine friendly meta texts (eg. stick to the maximum of 155 characters in the meta description).

As mentioned, there are various ways to optimize the findability of your website. Do you need advice or help with this? Momice can assist in optimizing the findability of your website. However, for more advanced techniques or in-depth SEO, we recommend to enquire the services of a SEO specialist.

Read more about the advanced marketing settings here.