Double contacts in registration overview

When you wish to send personal invitations (invitations by name), you upload your Excel file containing contact info in Momice. Momice automatically generates a personal registration link, based on this info. This link is added to every email you send from the Mail Module. When an invitee clicks on this personal link, the contact info from the Excel file automatically appears in the registration form.

Momice recognises this contact from the Excel file and changes the status of this contact from ‘no response’ to ‘signed in’.

Imagine that this contact uses the general website link, and clicks ‘register’ on the event website. A blank registration form appears - and the contact manually enters his/her contact details. Momice adds this person to the registration overview, with the status ‘signed in’.

In this case, Momice does not link the ‘new’ contact to the existing contact that is already in the registration overview. This means that this particular person is now listed in the overview twice, with two different statuses: ‘signed in’ and ‘no response’. It is hard to detect this type of double contacts in your database. It is therefore advised not to combine open registrations with personal invitations (invitations by name).

TIP: If you want to prevent this situation: remove the general website link from all invitation and reminder emails, so only the personal registration link is included.