Event checklist per module

A typo or mistake in your event registration and communication settings is easily made. Use this checklist with links to the corresponding articles below to make sure your registration goes flawless.

Knowledge base

The online training videos and articles help you successfully build and publish your event. 

Momice Agency

If you have a complex event and need more help, please contact our Momice Agency. This agency is a team of experienced event professionals that gives you tailored advice, helps you set up the registration and has many extra services like a Design Studio for a friendly fee. Momice Agency can be reached by calling 020 723 0950 or contact via info@momice.com.

Event checklist

Website module

Step 1

  • Name of event

  • Date of event

  • Open registration / personal registration

  • Close registration by maximum number / by date 

  • Settings for bringing a plus one

  • Survey on/off 

  • Marketing functions

  • Choice of language + event name

Article: Open registrations and double contacts

Article: Registration settings

Article: Basic marketing features

Step 2

  • Text color of the 'text' visible on 'background page' / 'background’
  • Logo in header
  • Display event website on smartphone
  • Adding a website icon
  • Date and links in footer

Step 3


  • Buttons and hyperlinks
  • Date and time of the countdown timer
  • The image widget
  • The header widget
  • QR-code

Article: Widgets (homepage)

Event website pages

  • Registration
  • Program
  • Location / Google view
  • Video

Article: Features per page


  • Speakers page
  • Contact page
  • Sponsor page
  • Knowledge page
  • Photo page
  • Additional page(s)
  • Multilingual registration

Article: Multilingual registration

Mail Module

Concepts and registration confirmation(s)

  • Sender and reply-to address
  • Less than 40 characters in subject line
  • Label
  • Unsubscribe link
  • Sent a test email
  • Salutation
  • Imported fields
  • Buttons and hyperlinks
  • Agenda link
  • E-ticket yes/no
  • Number of guests
  • Spam proof
  • Pay later link

Article: Send Mail 

Article: Spam & Bounces

Ticket module

Entrance tickets

  • Access ticket title
  • Description
  • Start and end time
  • Scan time lock
  • ‘Valid through’

Page: Ticket settings


  • Invitation list(s) per admission ticket
  • Registration requests per entry ticket
  • Registration fields on e-ticket

Article: Link ticket to specific guest list

Article: Link specific registration questions to ticket

Paid admission tickets

  • VAT
  • Ticket price
  • Service fee
  • Pay later
  • Adyen page opens when making a registration

Page: Paid tickets


  • Event name and description
  • Date and time
  • Text fields
  • Image/Logo

Article: Setting up an e-ticket


  • Momice Check-in app installed
  • Check-in code activated
  • Check-in app tested

Page: Momice Check-In app

Statistics Module

  • Reset statistics before going live

Article: Website statistics