Everything about session feedback

Chat, polls, audience questions and session feedback are part of the Interaction Module – a paid feature, that is only available if you have an event upgrade or account add-on 'interaction'. Contact us for more information.

After a live stream or program element has ended, you ask the attendee for instant feedback. Your attendees can give each individual session from 1 to 5 stars, on the screen that appears. The results are shown in the program item in the Interaction Module.

Directly go to:

Activating session feedback

Look & feel session feedback

Session feedback results

Activating session feedback

  1. Create a new program item on the program page. Indicate that this item takes place online.
  2. Insert the live stream link from your video streaming platform. Please note: the feature ‘session feedback’ only works if the live stream is embedded in the live stream page. It does not work on external applications like MS Teams or Zoom, unless embedded. Details on setting up the live stream page can be found here.
  3. If private, select whether you want to give access only to all invitees or to those who actually registered.
  4. Go to the second tab 'Live stream' and activate Session feedback.

Look and feel session feedback 

When your attendees leave the session, you can give them the opportunity to review the live stream they attended. Upon leaving, an evaluation page appears where they can rate the session.

Session feedback results

The results of the ratings can be found under the Interaction Module. Access this module from your Dashboard, from the program detail page in the Website Module or from the 'Interaction' in the left navigation bar.

In the Interaction Module, select the 'Results' tab. Switch between sessions using the drop-down menu.