Getting started: preparations (chronologically)

When you create a new event, Momice automatically directs you to the Website Module. This module contains five steps.

  • Step 1 | Event settings
    Determine the general settings of the event: date, title, type of event, type of registration (open/personal, extra guest), guest list, password, marketing and languages. Read more: Event settings and 
  • Step 2 | Design
    Determine your website style. You can choose from 6 pretty templates as a basis for your own look & feel. Change the images, colours and fonts and design your topbar, footer, menu and mobile representation. Design specifics 

  • Step 3 | Content
    This is where you create the content of all your website pages. Choose from various formats: general information, location, programma, registration, guest list, speakers, sponsors, photo’s, video’s, Twitter, floor plan, attachments, survey, contact and event app. Based on these pages, you can compose your homepage using handy widgets. Please note: the registration form is created here - and not in the Registration Module. Read more about the registration form and the homepage

  • Step 4 | Testing
    In Step 4, you find the event URL and QR-code including a website link for downloading. Testing the website is central in this step. Send the link to yourself and your colleagues, to test and collect feedback.

  • Step 5 | Activation
In this last step, you can save your templates and determine the activation date (to publish your website). You need event credits to activate your website. These credits are included in a Momice Membership (licence). Contact our offices for more information.

Importing contacts. 
After completing these five steps, you continue by importing your contacts to the Registration Module. You can find the Module icons in the sidebar on the left.

Once your invitee list is set-up, you can create one or more entry tickets to your event (paid or free). You can manage settings like ticket name, time slots, and prices from the Ticket Module. Read more.

After importing your contacts, you can start designing your save-the-date or invitation email. You can do this in the Mail Module. The results of all sent emails will be displayed in the ‘Sent’ folder in the Mail Module.

Registration & confirmation
After sending out the invitation, Momice software automatically keeps track of your registration. The registration status of your invitees is shown in the registration overview. Your invitee will automatically receive a confirmation email (including a personal e-ticket and invoice if applicable) This email can be adjusted in the Mail Module. In the run-up to your event, you can easily send reminders and other update emails.

Visitor check-in
On the day of the event, you can check in your visitors by scanning the QR-code on the e-ticket included in the confirmation email, using any smartphone or tablet. For manual check in, you can use the Registration Module.

Thank-you mail & survey
After the event, you can easily send your attendees a thank-you email, including a link to the survey page. Set up your survey questions in the Website Module (Step 3) and view the survey results in the Statistics Module.

Before, during and after the event you can view your event statistics in the Statistics Module. You can find registration data, website visits, open/click/bounce rates of mailings, survey statistics, number of tickets and event turnover (if applicable).