How to set up an online event with sub-sessions or workshops

When your event contains multiple sub-sessions or break-outs, Momice automatically guides the attendees to the right session. Including the workshop question in the registration form, invitees can decide which sub-sessions they wish to attend. On the program page (Website Module), you attach the right live stream to each sub-session. The sub-sessions appear in the personal program for your attendees. Clicking 'view live stream' will direct them to the right live stream page or MS Teams / Zoom app.

Linking a workshop or sub-session to a program item works as follows:

  1. Add a workshop question with multiple sub-sessions to the registration form (Website Module).

  2. Create a program item on the program page for each sub-session. Indicate that this item takes place online and link it to the workshop question (see image below).

  3. An extra tab will automatically appear at the bottom. Here you can add the corresponding live stream, using the drop-down menu.

Your registrees are now automatically assigned to the right break-out or sub-session. 

Registering for an online break-out session

When the invitee registers for an event with workshops or break-out sessions, the invitee is asked to select the session they want to join during a particular time slot. These questions can be managed from the registration page in the Momice Website Module.

Personal program page for attendees

On the day of the event, the program page will look different for each attendee. The program section is fully personalised, depending on which workshops or sub-sessions they chose. Workshops and sub-sessions they did not register for will not appear in the personal program page.