A hyperlink is a website link ‘behind’ a word or phrase in your website text. You can add your own hyperlinks in the text editor in the Mail Module and the Website Module:

  • Copy the website you want to link to.
  • Select the word or phrase that you want your visitor to click on.
  • Click the hyperlink icon in the menu bar of the text editor. 
  • Paste or type the destination website in ‘Link URL’ in the pop-up.
  • Select the target of the hyperlink: you can choose whether you want your visitor to stay in the same window, or automatically open a new tab to open the destination website.
  • Test your link.

You can also create a colored hyperlink.

  • First type the text you want to hyperlink.
  • Then you underline this text.
  • Select the text and give it the color you want.
  • Select the text again and hyperlink the text as described above.