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Importing lists (contact import)

Importing lists

You can use an Excel file to import your contacts in the registration overview. You can import multiple lists for different target groups – and give each list a name (e.g. invitees, partners, sponsors, VIPs). We made you an Excel template to download.

  1. Open the import tab by clicking ‘add guests’.
  2. Click ‘import list’.
  3. Download the example by clicking ‘download example’.

The Excel columns correspond to the registration form (in the Website Module). When importing the list, all you have to do is manually link the registration questions to the column names in your file. Momice helps you by making a suggestion in advance.

When importing, Momice automatically checks the list for errors and duplicate contacts in the registration overview. Momice displays the errors and duplicate contacts and offers the option to skip the duplicate contacts in the import. When the email address contains an error (spelling, wrong extensions or spaces), Momice indicates that the email address is incorrect. Cancel the import. The error must be fixed manually in your file. You can then import the file again with a new file name.

The maximum number of invitees that can be imported at a time is 5,000t. If you have more invitees in a list, divide the invitees over multiple lists or contact us for other possibilities.

Please note: If you chose the formal salutation, you can compose the salutation yourself. To do so, a gender column must be added to the list. 

Adding contacts to an existing list

It is possible to add a new list to an already existing one. You are asked whether you want to import the new list as a new one or whether you want to add the new list to an existing one. If you choose to add your new list to an existing one, select the desired list from the dropdown menu.

Please note: when adding new people to an already existing list, there is no filter to select only the new people on the list / the people who have not received the email yet. You can filter on the status of an attendee in this merged list. Read more about filtering and the status of invitees here.

Importing lists with preferred language (multilingual registration)

In order to prevent errors we recommend that you use the example Excel template. This is available on the first import screen. In case multilingual registration applies to your event, we recommend to use the extra language column in the Excel file. Enter the two-letter language code for each contact in the template. The language codes are: nl - en - de - fr - es - it - pt. When selecting invitees for your mail, you can filter on these language options.

Tips for your Excel file

  • Does your Excel file have trouble being imported? Copy all the information from the Excel file and paste it into a new Excel file. Save the file under another name. This also removes any passwords.
  • Before importing the list, double-check if all the names and email addresses are spelled correctly.
  • Delete all styling and hidden styling from the Excel file.
  • Be sure to delete all spaces before and after each email address.
  • Don’t forget to delete all punctuation marks from the email addresses. Only dots (.), hyphens (-) and underscores( _ ) are allowed.