Manually registering a contact with personal page

In case an invitee asks you to sign them in to the event, you can do this manually from the contact card of this specific person. In case the personal page applies, the personal password has to be sent manually to the contact. The procedure is as follows:

  • Go to the Registration Module and choose ‘Add guests, Add manually’.
  • Fill out the contact card.
  • Tick the box ‘Registered / Signed in’.
  • Choose all options that apply to this specific guest.
  • Momice automatically generates a password that can be used to sign in to the personal page.
  • Change the password in case needed.
  • Copy the password.
  • Choose ‘Add’.
  • Send the password to your contact in a separate email (Caution: the password is not automatically included in the confirmation email).
  • Your contact can now change the password after logging in to the personal page.

Please note: if paid tickets apply to this event, the payment procedure is skipped if a contact is added manually. You will not receive a payment for the tickets that are added manually.