Personal page

Every registered contact can access their personal page from the confirmation email. On this personal page, they can change or view their own registration details. Read more about adding personal fields to your email in this article: Imported fields

The personal page contains:

  • Registration details; these can be changed or completed from the personal page
  • A button to view and download the e-ticket (don't forget to personalise your e-ticket)
  • Personal QR-code that can be scanned by the organizer to check in the attendee at the event
  • Extra guests including personal QR-codes
  • The invoice if applicable
  • A button to unsubscribe from the event
  • A button to log out of the personal page
  • Settings

The personal page automatically activated and cannot be switched off. However, if you don't want to communicate this page, you can remove the link from the confirmation e-mail, so they cannot access it.

Hidden fields from the registration overview will never be displayed on the personal page.

When the registered contact returns to the event website from the same device, this person remains logged in.

You can insert the link the link to the personal page in every e-mail. Choose 'Link to event part' and then 'Personal page link' in the text editor of a mail concept.