Registration questions

You can create your registration form in the Website Module (Step 3). The first question in the form concerns the entry ticket: your visitors select the ticket of their choice. You can make multiple entry tickets in the Ticket Module. Then, you can create the registration questions.

For the form, you can choose from 4 types of registration questions and a couple of standard fields. For each question, you can indicate whether it the field is required. You can also set fixed answers: these cannot be changed by your invitee. TIP: Use this option to fix an email address, so it cannot be overwritten in case an invitation is forwarded to somebody else.

Types of registration questions

  • Open question: your invitee can give any desired answer.
  • Closed question: a dropdown menu with multiple answers will appear.
  • Workshop question: a dropdown menu with workshop options will appear. You as organiser can assign a maximum number of registrations to any workshop session. Read more about workshop questions.
  • Checkbox: you can use this option when you want your visitor to tick a checkbox, for example when accepting the General Terms.

Standard fields

When adding a question to the registration form, you can choose to include several ‘Standard fields’ (‘Job title’, ‘Company’, ‘Insertion’, ‘Email’, ‘Phone’, ‘Date’ and ‘Link’). These fields make sure the right details are shown on your smartphone, computer, guest list or downloaded files.

A few things you need to know about standard fields:

  • In case you (accidentally) removed one or more standard fields from the registration form, you can replace them by using the ‘Standard fields’ option in the light box. Don’t add the fields manually!
  • The fields ‘Company’, ‘Function’ and ‘Email’ are automatically selected. If you want to select more options, you can choose them the first time the light box opens. After this step, they can no longer be added.
  • The standard field ‘Date’ will display a calendar with a date selector.
  • The standard field ‘Link’ creates a hyperlink for the web-address you enter.