Testing on-site registration

Testing the (on-site) registration is often underestimated. Therefore, walking through all the steps of the registration process is highly recommended. Aim to do this before sending out the invitations!

Please note: to check in your attendees, the Momice Check-in app is required. It can be downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play Store.

It is not possible to test the check process before the event. You can log into the app, search visitors, open tickets etc. A specific test environment will be available soon.

If you try to scan a ticket before the event, you will be notified this is only possible at on the day of the event (in the time slots that you indicated in your ticket settings).

  • Send yourself an invitation email, including registration link.
  • Register for the event.
  • Complete the all the steps in the registration process.
    Please note: for testing, you can only scan e-ticket of the organiser/owner. All other e-tickets can only be scanned on the day of the event. Read more about this here.
  • Check the confirmation email.
  • Send the invitation email to a team member.
  • Ask them to register and check the confirmation email.
  • Create a mock-up of the registration desk.
  • Determine all actions involved in the check-in process.
  • Complete all actions and keep track of time.
  • Use this information to calculate the minimum number of scanning points. Read more about his subject.