Ticket settings: General

Please note: these are general settings for mutiple tickets. Do you have only one ticket and the reserve list is on? This ticket is always shown at the registration page.

In the entry tickets, you can set the title and description per language. Do you have two or three tickets? Then you can set the language per ticket. The name of the ticket and description will automatically be on the e-ticket.

Per ticket, you can determine the following settings

Different settings apply to Paid Tickets. You can find them here.

  • Ticket name: this name is displayed on the registration page, where your invitees select the appropriate entry ticket.

  • Description: a short description of the type of ticket, on the registration page.

  • Maximum number of tickets available: indicates the number of available tickets per type. You can choose whether you want to show these numbers to your invitees.

  • Start and end time ticket availability: the period the that the tickets will be available to your invitees.

  • Time slot for scanning tickets: you can determine the time slot for checking in your visitors to the event.

  • Tickets valid on (date and time): show this information on the ticket to inform your visitors. (Please note, this option has no technical implications - it is only for informing your visitors.)

  • Ticket status: when a ticket is created, it will be marked ‘active’. You can deactivate (and reactivate) your ticket at any time.

  • Specific registration questions: it is possible to link one or more registration questions from the form to a specific entry ticket. Read more.

  • Extra guest: the amount of extra guests can be decided for each entry ticket.

  • Different settings for guest list: you can determine per ticket whether invitees should be placed on the online guest list or not. For example, you choose to show only the physical participants on the guest list when organising a hybrid event.
  • Tickets per target group: you can assign an entry ticket to a specific target group: link one or more registration lists to a specific ticket (eg. a free ticket for VIPS or partners). Read more.