What & where? (chronologically)

 The Dashboard includes the following features:

  • Events:  Overview of existing events. Edit your events and share them with team members.
  • Profile: Language, user details and password.
  • Manage events: Sort, move, delete and duplicate events.
  • Help Center: Information, questions and answers about the use of Momice software.
  • Folders: Move your events to folders, to create structure.
  • Users: Add other people to your event, in order to collaborate. 

In the Website Module you find the following features:

  • Step 1 | Event settings: Date, title, registration settings, guest list, password, marketing and languages.
  • Step 2 | Design: Design template, homepage, detail pages, images, colours, fonts, menu style, and website icon.
  • Step 3 | Content: Choose from various page formats : general information, location, programme, registration, guest list, speakers, sponsors, photos, videos, Twitter feed, floor plan, attachments, survey, contact, event app and home.
  • Step 4 | Testing: Event URL, QR-code, invite team members for testing.
  • Step 5 | Activation: Save templates and activate event date (publish website).

In the Registration Module you find the following features:

  • Registration overview by status: registered / signed in, cancelled, no response, invitees or (after the event) present or absent, extra guest and waiting list.
  • Filter by: status, workshop, list, languages and entry ticket.
  • Import, manage and export invitee lists.
  • Manually add or manage contacts and registrations.

In the Ticket Module you will find the following applications (features):

  • Settings: Calculate currency, VAT percentage, service costs or integrate
  • Entry tickets: Create and change tickets, determine price (for paid tickets), set number, set date for issue, validity date and sales, link lists and registration questions, setting the number of extra guests per ticket, display fields on e-ticket
  • E-tickets: Format with texts such as start time, program and agenda, add logo.
  • Invoice (with paid tickets): Overview of the invoice (not to be changed in this feature)
  • Payout (with paid tickets): Revenue overview and payment (7 days after the event)
  • Check-in app: Activate and check in code

In the Mail Module you find the following features:

  • New mail: Design your email: header, body text, links and footer.
  • Confirmation: Automatic confirmation email after registration (including e-ticket and invoice in case of paid tickets).
  • E-ticket: Optional e-ticket in registration confirmation.
  • Results: Open rate, click rate, delivery rate and bounces.
  • Concepts: Your draft emails will be saved here.
  • Sent emails: A copy of all sent emails is saved, and can be re-used at any time.
  • Calendar link: iCal file, containing location, website link and program timings.
  • Filters: Filter your contacts according to registration status:  registered / signed in, cancelled, or no response.
  • Imported fields: Add contact information from your database to the email: name, company name, salutation.
  • Salutation: Compose the right salutation, using imported fields.

The Survey Module is integrated in the modules Website and Statistics.

The survey form is composed in the Website Module (Step 3: Survey page). The results are displayed in the Statistics Module. The following features are important when setting up your survey:

In the Statistics Module you find the following features:

  • Website statistics: Total number of views, device used (smartphone/tablet/computer), page clicks (total and unique).
  • Registration statistics: Excel export file with detailed overview of invitees, registrations, cancellations, non-respondents, present, absent and extra quests.
  • Ticket statistics: number of issued tickets, turnover per ticket, total turnover from ticket sales.
  • Mail statistics: Sent mailings, open / click / bounce rates.
  • Survey statistics: Completion percentage, average time, device used (smartphone/tablet/computer), answer export files (Online, PDF and Excel)