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Publishing your website

Activate and publish your event website so you can start sending mailings

Updated over a week ago

In order to publish your event website, you first need to activate your event. You need event credits to do this. Event credits are included in a Momice Membership (licence). You can publish your event in Step 5 of the Website Module.

The event can last a maximum of 30 days and will remain online for another four weeks. Think carefully about the activation date. This can no longer be changed. In order to comply with the GDPR, Momice does not save the personal details of your event longer than necessary. That is why your event website will be archived in 30 days and all personal details will be removed from our servers.

Please note: you can publish the site up to 6 months before the event. Do you want your event live longer? Then contact us and mention your event ID.

When you have your event credits, you can change the activation date of your event. As of this date, your website will be published, you can send email campaigns, create entry tickets and view statistics. The security pop-up will not be displayed anymore. The event URL will remain the same after activation. Read more about the event URL.

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