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Event website settings

Determine your basic settings for your event website in Step 1 of the Website Module.

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When you create a new event, you are automatically directed to the Website Module: this is your starting point. The first step is defining the basic settings of your event. Subsequently, you make the design of your website, before taking care of the content of the pages.

Title (choosing an event name)

The title you enter here is the event name: it appears in the event overview in your Dashboard. This title will be used when referring to the event title in external communication. If you create your website in more than one language, you have to manually change the event title for every language. Read more about the event language registration in this article.

Event status: live / offline

Your event website remains online (live) for a total of seven months: six months before and one month after the event. You can start inviting your contacts six months before the event. The event itself has a maximum duration of seven days. After the event date, the website remains online for another four weeks. After that, it will be taken offline and moved to the Archive. Read more about the archive.

Date and duration event

The start time of the first element and the end time of the final element determine the total duration of your event. You can enter the timings in the Website Module (Step 3). These times will also be communicated in the Calendar link. Make sure that the start and end date for your event are no more than seven days apart. For longer events, contact Momice, so we can change the settings for you.

Event site URL

By default, Momice generates an event site URL for every event that you create. The URL is structured like this: {unique-code} Do you want a different URL for your event website? That is possible, please contact our sales department: [email protected].


The event website of Momice can be created in a maximum of 2 languages. For each language you can format the event website, registration page, tickets and emails.

Please note: The survey page can only be created in one language.


It is possible to protect your website with a password. This is a general password that is to be entered for each website visit. You as organiser can choose the password.

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