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Settings for paid tickets

Change your settings in the Ticket Module if you use paid tickets.

Updated over a week ago

When you are using Momice software to sell tickets to your events, you can determine the settings for each individual ticket.

Please note: the add-on Paid Tickets needs to be activated by the Momice team first. Read more about this

You can establish the following settings per ticket:

  • Ticket price: this is the ticket price excluding VAT (the final price for your visitor will be higher).

  • VAT rate: as an organiser, you can determine the VAT rate for each ticket. Please note: the VAT varies per type of event. Read more about this

  • Service fee: Momice charges a standard fee of 3% of each ticket sold. You as an organiser can decide whether you want to pass this fee on to your visitor (on top of the ticket price), or include it in the price so the service fee is for your own account.

  • Please note: the payment methods for ticket sales are determined once, on account level - and cannot be altered on event or ticket level. Read more about this

PLEASE NOTE: After the first ticket (even as a test) is sold, you cannot change the settings.

Pay later

Per event, you can give your invitees the possibility to pay at a later moment. your contact can complete the registration process and choose 'pay later'. An email containing a payment link and an invoice is automatically sent. When the payment is completed, your invitee receive a confirmation email, including invoice and e-ticket.

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