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Everything about selling paid tickets

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To sell tickets with Momice, you need the Paid Tickets add-on. The add-on means that you pay a yearly fee that enables you to sell tickets for all your events that year. Activating this add-on costs a one-time fee of € 500, - excluding VAT. Please contact Momice for more information.

Requesting the add-on Paid Tickets

When you want to start selling tickets with Momice, send an email to [email protected]. In an intake interview, our team will determine if your organisation is eligible to sell tickets through Momice software. After validation, the add-on is activated on your company account. From that moment on, all users within this company account can create paid tickets.

The payment options (such as iDeal, VISA and Mastercard) are set at account level. When several events take place simultaneously, the same payment options apply to all events. To change these options, please contact Momice.

Please note: You can only organise paid events when your company is not financially dependent on the sales of tickets for events.

Requesting payout can be done 7 days after the event. In case an event is cancelled, your organisation is responsible for refunding the payments.

Setting up the add-on Paid Tickets

Follow these steps to set-up a paid ticket:

  1. Go to the Ticket Module by clicking the debit card icon on the main menu.

  2. Under 'settings' you can determine the desired financial settings for your tickets, including the VAT rate. As an organiser, you determine the VAT rate for each ticket. Note: the VAT differs per type of event. Read more about the different VAT rates later in this article. You can also consult a financial advisor to determine the correct VAT rate.

  3. Under settings, you also determine who pays for the service fee. Momice charges a service fee of 3% per sold ticket. You can choose whether you want to charge this fee to the visitor (on top of the ticket price) or integrate the fee in the price so that the costs are covered by your organisation.

  4. In Settings, you have the option to activate 'pay later'. If you select this option, your contacts will receive an email containing a direct payment link and an invoice, directly completing the registration process. The registration confirmation including the e-ticket will be sent automatically as soon as the payment is made. While the payment is not done, a place will be reserved for the registrant.

  5. Adjust the settings of the ticket under 'entry tickets'. The ticket price consists of the ticket price, VAT and the service fee. Momice calculates the final visitor price – scroll down, to see what visitors have to pay for their tickets.

  6. Under 'Invoice', you create the invoice that the visitors receive. You can add a company logo here.

Paid ticket cancellations

After purchasing a ticket, an attendee can unsubscribe from the event using the unsubscribe link in the confirmation e-mail. After unsubscribing, the ticket is deactivated. When scanning the ticket at the event, the host will see that the ticket is not valid. As the organiser, you are responsible for refunding the ticket fee. This is not done automatically. Momice charges transaction costs and service fees from the total turnover, including cancelled tickets.

VAT rates for paid tickets

As an organisation, you are obliged to pay VAT on the services and products you sell. The VAT rate depends on the type of event and the country of origin of all parties involved (in this case Momice, your organisation and the person buying a ticket). Make sure you are well informed about this, to avoid (unpleasant) surprises afterwards. Momice is not responsible for the choices you make regarding your VAT rate.

Please note: the VAT on the Momice service fee (3% of the ticket price) is always 21%: this is the VAT rate Momice has to pay for these earnings. Read more about service fees.

Ticket payment options and transactions fees

The financial transaction for the tickets is handled by Payment Service Provider Adyen. Adyen offers various payment methods (e.g. iDeal, VISA and Mastercard). The transaction costs differ per method. As an organiser you can decide yourself which payment methods you want to offer.

The choice is made in advance when setting up your Adyen account after the Paid Ticket Add-on has been activated. Do you wish to change these settings? Please contact Momice.

A transaction fee is charged for each ticket sold. The transaction costs differ per payment method:

  • iDeal charges a standard amount, independent of the ticket price.

  • Credit cards charge a percentage of the ticket price (see table below). The organiser is paying for the transaction costs – they will be deducted from the turnover. As an organiser, you receive the ticket price -/- Momice service fee -/- transaction costs.

Credit cards

Payment method

Fee per method


0.9 - 1.1%


0.9 - 1.1%


No information available

American Express




Diners Club

No information available

Other payment methods

Payment method

Fee per method


€ 0.45


1-5% (depends on sector)


1.3% + € 0.30

Finnish e-banking

€ 0.65

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