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How Momice manages personal data
How Momice manages personal data

Security & Privacy

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Momice is always striving to carefully process and protect the customer’s data. That's why we agree to a processor's agreement with all clients and comply with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG or GDPR).

Are you interested in reading the Momice security & privacy policy? you can find it here.

What can you expect from Momice?

You can expect Momice to handle the personal data of your organisation and your participants securely. Some of the points we consider important are:

  • Personal data is stored on Momice servers until max. 30 days after the event

  • Data processing within the European Union

  • Processor agreement with all customers

  • Simple unsubscription for events and mailings

  • Guest list according to GDPR guidelines

  • PEN-tests by customers and independent parties

  • All Momice suppliers meet the highest security standards

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