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Time zones

Make use of the set time zone option so that your invitees see the correct times on the Program page

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Momice offers the possibility to adjust the programme page of the event website to the times of the time zone the participant is in. This is very useful for online and hybrid events, as the participants from different time zones do not have to recalculate the times on the programme page themselves.

How does it work

As an organiser, you select the time zone from which the event is hosted, for example Europe/Amsterdam. Based on the time zone the participant is in, the start and end times of the programme are automatically adjusted.

Participants in different time zones will see a notification that indicates the program times have been adjusted automatically.

Activating the feature ‘time zones’

You can activate the time zones feature from the programme page in the Website Module. Here you can check the option and select the time zone from which the event is hosted. Now the start and end times on the programme page will automatically change when a participant joins the event from a different time zone.

Calendar link

After the timezone feature is activated, the calendar link you send to the participants will also automatically block the correct time in the calendar. Based on the time zone setting of their device.

What is looks like for the attendee

When the feature 'time zone' is activated, standard notification will appear on the programme page. This text cannot be changed or deleted. The text is only displayed if the participant is actually in a different time zone. This is the text that will be displayed to the participant:

  • NL: U bevindt zich in een andere tijdzone dan de organisator van dit event. De programmatijden zijn automatisch aangepast.

  • ENG: You are in a different time zone than the organizer of this event. The program times are adjusted automatically.

  • DE: Sie befinden sich in einer anderen Zeitzone als der Organisator dieser Veranstaltung. Die Programmzeiten werden automatisch angepasst.

  • FR: Vous êtes dans un fuseau horaire différent de celui de l'organisateur de cet événement. Les horaires des programmes sont automatiquement adaptés.

  • IT: Sei in un fuso orario diverso da quello dell'organizzatore di questo evento. I tempi del programma sono regolati automaticamente.

  • ES: Usted se encuentra en una zona horaria diferente a la del organizador de este evento. Los tiempos del programa se ajustan automáticamente.

  • PT: Encontra-se num fuso horário diferente do do organizador deste evento. Os tempos do programa são automaticamente ajustados.

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