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Using hidden pages

Make use of hidden pages, so you can hide a page from a specific audience of invitees

Updated over a week ago

In case you created a website page you (temporarily) want to hide from the menu, you can deactivate the page, without taking it offline. You can do this in in the Website Module (Step 3). You can still adjust the pages while they are deactivated - and re-activate them at any time, so they will be visible to your visitors again.

You can share the link to the event page via the button in the e-mail.

For example: sharing the presentation of a keynote speaker with your attendees after the event. This is how it works:

  • Upload the presentation (or another attachment) up to 20MB to the attachment page of your website. The attachment may be of the following file types: .pdf .doc .docx .ppt .pptx .xls or .xlsx.

  • Activate the attachment page.

  • View the attachments and click on the download link of the attachment.

  • A new tab will open, containing a direct link to this specific attachment. Copy this link.

  • Select a word or phrase in your email or on your website, and create a hyperlink.

  • Deactivate the attachment page, in order to remove it from the menu on the event website.

  • Your visitors can now access the attachment directly from your email.

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