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Calendar link

Making changes to the calendar link

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With the calendar link you give your invitees the opportunity to place the event directly in their calendar. The calendar link automatically displays the url of your event website. If the invitee clicks on the url, you will be redirected to your personal page. Momice recognizes the invitees. Through this url, the invitee can participate in the live stream on the Program page. It is not possible to delete the url.

Start and end time

The times in the agenda link are based on the start and end times as entered on the Program page of your event website. If you have entered 'valid at' times in the Ticket Module, these times will be used, instead of the original program times.


By default, the schedule link contains the following data: event name, website link, location and address. In Step 1 of the Website Module under the 'Language' tab you can change the title of your calendar link under 'Main Language'.


Want to change the location? You can do this on the Location page in step 3 of the Website Module. When adding multiple locations, the first location item is displayed in the calendar link.

Add additional information

Want to add additional information to your calendar item? To do so, go to the Program page in Step 3 of the Website Module. Above the program items is an open text box. This is where you can add additional information.

Delete registration question in calendar item

Additional fields you show on the e-ticket will automatically appear in the calendar link as well, for example workshop choice. Follow the steps below if you do not want to show the fields in both the e-ticket and in the agenda link:

  1. Go to Step 3 of the Website Module to the Register page.

  2. Click on the pencil behind the question (e.g. workshop choice).

  3. Go to the 'Settings' tab.

  4. Uncheck your entrance ticket at 'Show this field on the e-ticket'.

TIP: Want to use the calendar link but not the Program page?

  1. Deselect the Program page;

  2. Then enter the desired times under "Valid on" in the Ticket Module.

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