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Requirements for on-site registration
Requirements for on-site registration

What do you need for check-in & badges?

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Zebra ZD421 printer

The Zebra printer is a compact, industrial printer. Made to print labels anytime, anywhere. It is a thermal printer, which burns the text inside the label. This eliminates the need to replace ribbons or ink cartridges.

Momice Check-in works with the Zebra ZD4A042-D0EM00EZ. This code indicates which series the printer comes from and which functions the printer has. When you buy the printer, this number and the functions below must match.

  • Resolution: 203 dpi

  • Connection: Bluetooth

The printer runs on 240V mains power, the power cable is supplied with the printer. Thanks to the small size you can easily store the printer for the next event.

  • Width: 177.5 mm

  • Length: 220.8 mm

  • Height: 150.7 mm

  • Weight: 1.6 kg

Smartphone and tablet

The Check-in app works on devices with an iOS or Android operating system. You don't need to buy additional hand scanners, or install QR-code scanners - the camera of a smartphone or tablet is sufficient. You can use your own device or purchase devices for on-site registration. Here are some tips for choosing a suitable smartphone or tablet.

  • The operating system should last for a while. Don't deviate too much from the current version, you'll always be fine. The latest models work with iOS 13 / Android 10.

  • The device supports a 4G (or 5G) internet connection. Optionally, you can also use a stable Wi-Fi connection.

  • The Momice Check-in app is not a heavy application. A working memory of 2GB is more than sufficient.

  • Bluetooth version 5.0 is a minimum requirement for a stable connection to the printer.

  • The camera has at least 5 megapixels. The sharper the camera, the easier it is to recognize QR-codes even in dark rooms.

  • The battery life is good to excellent. At the event location, you want to be able to scan without a charging cable, one piece at a time.

There is a smartphone or tablet for every budget. If you go for a relatively new model from Apple, we recommend an iPhone iPad. If you choose Android, look for a Samsung Galaxy or Samsung Galaxy Tab. An another brand is, of course, also possible, but keep the above tips in mind. Also pay attention to the connection possibilities, with a device that supports both WiFi and 4G you are assured of a good connection on location.

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