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Quick start guide check-in

Read the quick start guide to be well prepared for check-in.

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Setting up

  1. Set up the counter widthwise, not lengthwise.

  2. Choose your check-in method:

  • Manual with a smartphone or tablets by the host(ess) OR

  • Self check-in with an iPad on a stand.

3. Install the iPads if necessary.

  • Place the tablet in the holder by sliding the grip at the back of the tablet over the oval clamp of the holder. Press the silver pin at the back of the holder; the tablet is now secured to the holder. You can open the lock again with the provided key that fits every holder.

  • For Self check-in: activate the 'Contactless' mode in the start menu of the Check-in app. Now, your visitors can scan their e-tickets with the front camera of the iPad.

4. Place the signage (if available): this helps speed up the check-in process.

5. Hang the badges & lanyards on a stand or coat rack, or place them on the counter.

Installing & Connecting the Printer

Logging in to the Momice Check-in app

  1. Open the Momice Check-in app on the desired smartphone or tablet.

  2. Log in with the login code. You can find this in the Momice tool: Tickets > Check-in > Activate Check-in app:

Placing label roll

  • Take the label roll out of the 'sticker peeler.'

  • Remove the roll by pulling apart the yellow brackets.

  • Place the new roll between the yellow brackets.

  • Place the end of the sticker sheet into the 'sticker peeler.'

  • Ensure the roll runs under the yellow guides.

  • Here's a handy instructional video.

Connecting the printer

  • Copy the login code from Momice (see above).

  • Once logged in with the login code, the Check-in app automatically establishes a Bluetooth connection with the nearest Zebra label printer.

  • Check if the printer's name appears under 'Connected Printers' on the start screen of the Check-in app. It is a 12-character code that can be found on the bottom of the printer. When the printer is connected, a green checkmark appears.

  • If you use multiple printers for your on-site registration, we recommend connecting the printers and devices one by one. If you enable the Bluetooth of all smartphones or tablets simultaneously, they will automatically connect to the nearest available printer. You have no control over this. If you do this for each smartphone or tablet separately, you know exactly which device is connected to which printer.


  • Register yourself or a colleague for the event.

  • Manually search for the colleague and press the 'print label' button.

  • If you scan the QR code or manually mark the guest as present (via the green slider), the app may issue a warning. The system detects that the registration does not take place on the day of the event. This warning will not appear at the event.


Printer does not appear in the 'Connected Printers' list

  • In some cases the printer is connected to another device (a printer can only be paired with one device).

  • Turn off and on the printer.

  • Click 'Select printer' on the start screen of the Check-in app.

  • Select the correct printer. You can find the printer code on the bottom of the printer. When the printer is connected, a green checkmark appears.

I want to connect to different printer

  • Go to the 'Connected printers' list on the start screen of the Check-in app.

  • Click on 'Change printer.'

  • In the menu, you will see the available printers. Choose the desired printer to connect. You can find the printer code on the bottom of the printer. When the app and printer are connected, a green checkmark appears next to the printer's name.

  • Note: The printer can only be connected to one device. If the printer is already connected to another device, it will not appear in the list.

Text on the label does not align correctly (calibration)

  • First, try printing several labels. The Zebra printer automatically recognizes and aligns the label correctly.

  • If you have printed 2 or 3 labels and the label still does not align correctly, follow these steps:

  • Check if the yellow sensor in the printer is in the middle of the printer (see image below).

  • Press the button with the pause symbol and the cross, the two outer buttons, and hold them until the printer starts aligning the labels.

  • The labels should now be printed neatly in the middle.

  • Repeat the above steps if necessary.

My guests are not marked as present when I print a label.

When you search by name and press the name, you will enter an overview with all registration details of the respective guest. There are two options to print a label:

  1. The 'Print label' button.

  2. The slider in the upper left corner.

  • The "Print label" button only prints the label without checking in the guest. This can be useful if you want to print labels for the organization or speakers at the beginning of the day. However, remember to mark them present when they actually arrive.

  • The slider marks the invitee as present and immediately prints the label. Use this to manually check in your guests. You'll find this same slider next to the name in the search menu to quickly print the label and keep track of attendance.

I got an error message during check-in.

  • Invalid Check-in: The ticket is (still) not valid, check the event date in Momice and/or the "Ticket Scanning Time Slot" in Ticket Module β†’ Access Tickets. If you have connected a printer, the label will still be printed so you can choose whether to issue a badge or not.

PLEASE NOTE: This invitee is not marked as present yet! You can do this manually with the green slider, once the settings are adjusted.

  • Duplicate Check-in: The QR code has already been scanned. The person is already checked in. The label is still printed so you can choose whether to issue a badge or not.

  • Are you still getting an error message (Yellow or Red notification after scanning the QR code)? Then check if the date and time slots for check-in are correctly set in Momice: Ticket Module β†’ Access Tickets.

If you're looking for more details or helpful instructional videos, check out the Momice Help Center. Do you need immediate support? Call Momice Support +31 (0)20 723 0950

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