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Momice Check-in app

All about checking in visitors to your event and printing badges with the Momice Check-in app

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Momice generates a personal e-ticket with QR-code for each visitor. This QR-code can be scanned to check in your attendees on the day of the event.

Please note: without the Momice Check-in app, checking in attendees is not possible.

In order scan the e-tickets, you need to download the Momice Check-in app on your smartphone. After scanning the QR-code, the status of your attendee changes from ‘Absent’ to ‘Present’ in the Momice registration overview. Please note: you need an active internet connection to sync the registration status in the Momice software while scanning.

Once you scan the ticket, the registration details will appear on the screen.

Any smartphone can be used to scan tickets. You need to download the Momice Check-in app first. The app can be used on multiple smartphones simultaneously.

Download de Momice Check-in app:

This is how it works

  • Download the app in the Apple App or Google Play Store.

  • Activate the Check-in app the Ticket Module.

  • Momice automatically generates a unique login code for this event. You need this code to log in to the app.

  • Log in to the Check-in app using the login code(s).

  • 5 menu options appear in the app.

  • After the event, it is advised to deactivate the Check-in app (from the Ticket Module in the software) the registration details are no longer accessible.

  • Only one event can be scanned at the same time for each scanning point.

  • It is possible to create multiple scan points to, for example, check in attendees at multiple locations simultaneously or at sub-sessions. In addition, you can link a specific login code to a scan point so that that person can scan directly from that check-in point. Scan points without linked code are available to everyone in the check-in app.

5 Menu options in the Check-in app

  • Event info: event title & log-out

  • Scan: can scan the QR-codes on the e-tickets with the camera on your smartphone or tablet. The scanning position, the expected amount of people (registrations) and the number of people checked in (Present) are displayed.
    TIP: Use the flash if you are scanning in a dark area.

  • Statistics: The statistics bar shows the number of people present against the number of expected guests. For each check-in point, the number of checked-in people is displayed. You can choose from 2 check-in points: 'Entrance' and 'Exit'.

  • Search: Find registrations by name - in case the person does not have an e-ticket, the QR-code is not working, or when you want to check a person’s details. Once you find the contact is found, it can be checked in or out directly. You can open the contact card to view the registration details - or manually check in this person from here.

  • Position: Select your scanning positie in the venue before you start scanning. You can choose from two standard positions: Entrance and Exit. The position is displayed at the top of the screen. The number of expected people and checked-in attendees is shown per position.

  • Please note: when you close the app during the event, you have to login again to continue scanning. The Entrance position is automatically selected.

Example check-in: you check in your attendees at the entrance of the venue.
- Grey = # registrations (expected visitors).
- Groen = # attendees (checked-in).

Example check-out: check out your attendees at the exit.
- Grey = # attendees (checked-in).
- Green = # people that left the venue (checked out).

Please note:

  • Activate the Check-in app in the Ticket Module. Deactivate the app once the event is finished.

  • You can check in your visitors during the time slots as indicated in the Ticket Module. Read more about the time slots.

  • An e-ticket can be scanned multiple times. When the e-ticket is scanned for the first time, the attendee will be checked in. If the ticket is scanned again, the notification 'Warning: Duplicate check-in' will appear in orange. You as an organiser can decide what to do with duplicate check-ins.

  • Momice does not provide on-site registration support. Of course, if something is wrong with the Check-in app, you can always contact us.

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