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Request the paid tickets add-on / selling tickets
Request the paid tickets add-on / selling tickets

Use our paid tickets add-on to sell tickets to your invitees

Updated over a week ago

In order to sell paid tickets from Momice, the Paid Tickets Add-on needs to be activated. An add-on implies you pay a one-time amount for activation, in order to use a specific feature for all your events. Activating the add-on for Paid Tickets costs €500,- ex BTW.

If you want to start selling tickets from Momice, please send a mail to [email protected]. By means of an intake, our team will determine whether your organisation qualifies for selling tickets using Momice software (see below). After validation, the add-on will be activated on your company account: all users within the company can now create paid tickets from the Ticket Module.

Please note: your company only qualifies for selling tickets from Momice if your company is not financially dependent on ticket sales for events.

Payouts can only be executed as of seven days after the event.

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