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Setting up an e-ticket

Changing the e-ticket content for scanning at your event

Updated over a week ago

You can determine the content and design of your e-ticket from the Ticket Module. The e-ticket can be printed and folded into a handy name badge on the day of the event.

You can include the following elements in your e-ticket in one language:

  • Event name (Title)

  • Name organisation

  • Name visitor

  • Logo / image
    Upload a logo or image to give your e-ticket the look & feel of your event.

  • QR-code (automatically generated)
    This is a unique code that can be used for checking in your visitors on the day of the event. You can easily scan the code with any smartphone or tablet. Read more.

You can include the following elements in your e-ticket in two languages:

  • Location
    Tell your visitors where they need to be. You can include additional info about parking etc.

  • Walk-in time
    Let your guests know when they are expected.

  • Programme
    Share the highlights of the programme with your visitors.

  • Extra information
    Tell your visitors what else they need to know.

  • Personal registration details: Here you can display personal registration information such as workshop choices. This can be set per ticket or at the registration form. Read more about how that works here.

Are the registration questions shown on the e-ticket and you don't want this? Go to the Website Module, step 3 'Register' page. Click the pencil icon behind the registration question. Check 'Show this field on the e-ticket'. Uncheck your ticket(s) below.

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