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Re-sending e-tickets

Read how to resend the e-ticket to your invitees in this article

Updated over a week ago

It is possible to send your e-ticket to all registrees of your event, whenever you want. You can find the button 'Resend e-ticket' in the Registration Module at 'Registered'.

Just (re)send the registration confirmation to all who registered, or to a specific target group. You can filter on list, entry ticket or workshop.

  • Adjust the registration confirmation text if needed (in the Mail Module)

  • Check whether the e-ticket is activated

  • Go to the Registration Module

  • Filter on 'Registered'

  • Choose the option 'Send e-ticket'

  • Use the filter to choose the appropriate target group

  • Send the registration confirmation

Please note: the text in the registration confirmation will be automatically send to all future registrations.

If you want to avoid this, you can temporarily pause registrations, until the e-tickets are sent. Don't forget to activate it, after putting the original text back in place.

Please note: if you are using extra guest registration, remember to also adjust the extra guest confirmation mail.

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