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Request a custom url to make your event website more personal and professional

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Every event (website) is assigned a unique URL. All URL’s are built up as follows: The ‘https’ refers to the encryption of all (registration) data that passes through the website. The unique code at the end of the URL makes it impossible for people to find the website without the link in the invitation. If you prefer to use a custom URL, Momice can register every available domain name for you. In this case, there are multiple options:

  • Masking

  • Wildcard unlimited masking

  • Subdomain (alternative to masking)

  • Redirect (alternative to masking)

  • Custom sender address

Masking (custom URL)

Masking means that Momice will make the URL of your preference appear in the browser. Your visitors can use this URL to reach the website. Masking a URL requires the following steps:

  • Choose a URL that is available. A URL can only be registered once, but once registered, you can repurpose it for all future events. When you own a URL, you need to (temporarily) hand over the property rights to Momice, in order to complete the masking process. After the event, the rights will be returned to you.

  • Momice registers the URL for one year (in case you don’t own the URL yet).

  • Momice installs the new URL on the event website.

  • Momice makes sure that the original Momice URL disappears from all internal and external links.

  • Momice installs an SSL certificate. This certificate ensures that all data that is sent to the servers from the registration page is encrypted and secured.

Caution: Completing the masking procedure takes 3-4 days. Standard .com and .nl domains are easy and cheap to register. Requesting foreign extensions may take longer, because they need to be validated by the respective county.

Wildcard unlimited masking

When you purchase a Wildcard, Momice can register one main domain, from which an unlimited number of sub-domains can be created.


Main domain:
Subdomain 1:
Subdomain 2:

Momice installs the main domain to your Momice account. As an organiser, you can create a new subdomain for each event from your event settings in the Website Module (Step 1).

Redirect (alternative to masking)

In this option, visitors of a website are automatically redirected to the Momice URL. Your visitors will not notice this, however the Momice URL will appear in their browser. You can ask Momice to register a new URL (in case available) or use one that you already own.

Custom sender address / personal event mailbox

All Momice emails are sent from the following email address: [email protected]. In case you prefer to show your own address, Momice can create a personal event mailbox for you. The sender will for example be [email protected], instead of [email protected]. In order to get your own inbox, file a request at [email protected]. Momice will install the mailbox to your account - so you can send all emails from the new ‘from’ address.

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