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Mail settings

Check your email settings so that your email results are not affected

Updated over a week ago

The settings influence the results of your mailing, so keep the following things in mind:

  • Reply-to email address: Enter the destination address in case a recipient chooses ‘reply’.

  • Name sender: This name will appear in the inbox of your contact. You can also send the email on behalf of someone else. Consider including the name of the company or event.

  • Subject line: The subject line differs per email. Make sure you avoid spam-sensitive characters.

  • Custom sender address / personal event mailbox: All Momice emails are sent from [email protected]. To prevent emails from ending up in the spam folder, this address cannot be changed. However it is possible to create a Custom sender address. Read more about spam sensibility in our blog about mailing.

  • Label: Add a label to your draft to differentiate between target groups or different languages, for example. This way you can immediately see which mail it is about.

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