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Setting up workshop registration

On the Register page you can add a workshop question. See below how to set this up

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You can fully automate the workshop registration process. In the registration form, add a question and select ‘Workshop’ from the dropdown. Now your invitees can select the workshop of their choice. The registration overview shows exactly who signed up for each workshop.

You can set-up your workshop registration as follows:

  • Add a question from the category ‘Workshop’ in the registration form (Website Module, Step 3).

  • Insert the workshop titles or sub-sessions.

  • If applicable, indicate the maximum capacity per workshop.

  • Determine whether you want the number of available places to be visible to the invitee.

  • When the session is booked at 80% capacity, you as organiser will receive a notification email.

  • When the maximum capacity is reached (100%), you receive a second email.

  • When the maximum capacity is reached, the invitees can no longer select this option, and the session will turn light grey in the dropdown menu.

  • You can adjust the maximum capacity at any moment.

  • The workshop registrations are indicated in the registration overview.

  • You can (temporarily) deactivate a workshop or session. An inactive session is not visible on the registration page and can be re-activated at any moment.

  • It is possible to send mailings to contacts that subscribed to a specific workshop. Read more about this here.

  • It is possible to sell/issue separate tickets for a specific workshop. You can create tickets form the Ticket Module. Per workshop, you can alter the times, locations, target audience and prices (if applicable). Read more about creating and managing entry tickets.

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