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Registration with waiting list

Reserve list setting

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When the maximum number of registrations for your event has been reached, you can choose to add all future registrations to a waiting list. When a spot opens up, it can be filled from the waiting list automatically or manually. You as organiser decide which option you prefer.

Please note:

  • The waiting list is an advanced registration option. This feature can be added to your account as an add-on, or purchased separate for each individual event.

  • The waiting list is not available if the tickets to your events are paid tickets.

  • In case of multiple entry tickets, the waiting list always applies to all tickets. It is not possible to activate/deactivate the waiting list option for each individual ticket.

  • If you have one (standard) ticket available for your event, it will always be visible when the waiting list is added.

  • In case you use both workshop registration and waiting list for your event make sure the total workshop capacity never exceeds the registration maximum!

In order not to over-complicate the registration process, it is not possible to use the waiting list and extra guest registration at the same time.

TIP: Indicate a maximum number of extra guest registrations and invite your extra guests in phases.

Keep a close eye on registrations to manage the guest registration and capacity.

Registration flow waiting list

  • The invitee clicks on the registration link in the invitation.

  • The invitee chooses the 'Reserve reserve list' ticket

  • The following message that the maximum number of registrations has been reached can be modified in the Website Module (Step 3, Register, Standard texts).

  • The invitee receives an email, confirming his or her spot on the waiting list.

  • In the registration overview, there is a clear distinction between ‘Registered / Signed in’ and ‘Waiting list’.

  • When a spot opens up, you can either manually change the status of any person on the waiting list to ‘Registered / Signed in’, or choose automatic supplementation (see settings waiting list).

  • Once registered, the invitee receives a confirmation email and is removed from the waiting list.

Waiting list settings

  • Indicate the maximum number of registrations in the Website Module (Step 1).

  • Activate the waiting list (Step 1).

  • Choose ‘Automatic’ or ‘Manual’ supplementation of registrations.

  • Manual supplementation means you as organiser can select a contact from the waiting list and register him or her. You can do so by opening the contact card of a person on the guest list, and then de-select the ‘Waiting list’ box.

  • If you select ‘Automatically’, the first person on the waiting list will be automatically registered.

  • Availability is checked every five minutes.

  • Edit the confirmation email for people on the waiting list. This email automatically appears in the Mail Module. This mail is automatically sent when someone signs up for the reserve list.

  • A standard registration confirmation is also available. This mail is automatically sent when someone is moved from the waiting list to the official list.

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