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Selecting invitees / email recipients
Selecting invitees / email recipients

How to select invitees for your email

Updated over a week ago

Selecting your email recipients from the Mail module works as follows:

  • Make sure you have imported your contacts to the registration overview. Read more on importing new contacts.

  • In your Mail editor, choose ‘Select invitees from list’.

  • Decide whether you want to send the mail to all your contacts, or to a specific selection.

  • Select the right target group by using the appropriate filter: invitees, no response, registered, present, absent, all or no one. You can also filter based on the workshop choice, ticket or language of your guest, by selecting a specific workshop / ticket / language from the dropdown.

  • Use the search bar to look up a specific contact, in case needed.

  • Deselect the invitee if necessary.

  • Select one or more contacts from your lists.

  • The total number of invitees selected will be shown. You can send an email to a maximum of 5,000 people at once.

  • Close the light box and go to the next step: TESTING

Tip: You can import contacts from multiple lists, repeating the same procedure.

Please note: The European privacy law states that, when an invitee unsubscribes for an event, you can no longer use this email address for future emails about the event.

Momice makes sure these addresses no longer appear in the list of invitees. You can only find them in the registration overview - by using the 'cancelled' filter.

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