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Sending reminders/Thank-you mail
Sending reminders/Thank-you mail

Send a reminder or thank you email to your invitees

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You can save yourself a lot of time by sending an prior email again - with a small adjustment. For example, to the non-respondents of your invitation mail.

Momice automatically keeps track of all your invitees: signed in, cancelled, no response. You can use this filter to (re-)send any email to a specific group.

This is how it works:

1. Go to the Mail Module and choose the Sent Items folders.
2. Click on the 'next' icon (grey arrow). You will see a pop-up in which you can select your recipients. You can choose to either make a new segment of recipients or, for example, choose everyone who has not yet opened or clicked your previous mail. A copy of the mail will be generated automatically. Find this copy in the concepts folder.
3. Change the subject line. For example, add the word Reminder: "Reminder | Invitation event on July 10, 2019."
4. Add a new introduction text to the email.
5. If you want to add more contacts, click on 'Choose invitees from overview'.
6. If you want to add a new segment, choose for example 'no response'.
7. Send yourself a test email and test it on computer and smartphone.
8. Are you satisfied? Go to Send.

Send thank you email or survey

After the event, it is advised to send out a thank-you mail to your attendees, including the link to your event survey.

This is how it works:

1. Activate the survey page in the Website Module (Step 3). CAUTION: you have composed and tested your event survey. Read more about how to do this.
2. Compose a thank-you mail in the Mail Module and include the link to your event survey in this email. You can find the link above the survey questions when you create the survey (Step 3).
3. Choose 'Select invitees from list' and select the filter 'attendees'. CAUTION: you can only use this filter if you checked in your invitees on the day of the event. Read more about on-site registration.
4. Send yourself a test email and make sure everything works.
5. You can find the results of the survey in the Statistics Module.

Set up survey button

You have two options for requesting the survey in the email. You can ask the survey personally or anonymously. Want to know the personal details of your invitees who filled out the survey results? To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Mail Module. Open your draft with the pencil icon.

  2. Scroll down and click the 'Add Widget' button. Choose 'Button.

  3. Choose the following setting: 'Link to event element'. And select 'Survey link (personal)'.

When exporting the survey results, you will see the personal data in the last columns. Choose the option 'Survey link (anonymous) if you do not want to know the personal data.

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