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Pay later

Make use of the pay admission ticket later option so your invitee does not have to pay immediately

Updated over a week ago

In some cases, the employer pays for the ticket of your invitee. In order to help your invitee claim back the costs, or ask his employer to make the payment, Momice offers the option 'Pay later'. Your invitee can now 'reserve' a ticket, and complete the payment on a later moment, using the custom payment link in the email. The option 'Pay later', a setting of the Ticket Module, can be switched on or off for each individual event.

This is how it works for your invitee

  • When your invitees select a ticket, they can choose between 'Pay now' or 'Pay later'.

  • Pay now: your invitee is directed to the Adyen payment platform. Once the payment is complete, a confirmation email including invoice and e-ticket is automatically sent.

  • Pay later: the invitee completes the registration process and chooses 'Pay later'. An email including payment link and unpaid invoice are sent to the selected email address.

  • The invitee receives the email with direct payment link and unpaid invoice (attached). The financial department can now approve the invoice and complete the payment.

  • Once the payment is complete, the invitee will receive the confirmation email, including e-ticket and final invoice. The invoice indicates the payment is complete.

This is how it works for the organiser

  • The Drafts folder in your Mail Module now contains a new email: 'Pay later'. This email contains a specific payment link and unpaid invoice. You can adjust the header and text of this email according to your preferences.

  • An extra column will appear in the registration overview: Paid J/N. The invitees that have unpaid invoices are included in this overview. After payment, the status changes from 'No' to 'Yes'. This column is also included in the export.

  • The payment status can be used to filter out the invitees with unpaid invoices. You can use this filter to easily send payment reminders.

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