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Save time by duplicating your event
Save time by duplicating your event

How do you duplicate an event?

Updated over a week ago

All event websites can be duplicated. Also the event websites who are in the archive. To duplicate from the archive, go to your Dashboard. Here, click on "Folders" and choose "Archive. Select your event and click on the duplicate button. Click 1 time on the 'Duplicate' button. It may take a while before you see the event back in your dashboard.
It is useful to duplicate your event website when you want to reuse the content for a subsequent event. This comes in handy for a weekly, monthly or annual event.

The following settings and content are duplicated:

  • Registration settings

  • Style and template

  • Homepage including buttons with internal and external links (check the links with your new event website)

  • Content of the other pages including images / documents / videos, such as survey questions, location details, sponsors, video and photo pages.

  • Registration questions and answers

  • The sent mails are drafted in the Mail Module, with duplication date as creation date

  • Registration confirmation(s)

  • Entry ticket settings with any links to registration questions / lists

  • Invite lists

Pay close attention to:

  • Old texts or links in the new event website. Always check all texts or links before sending the first invitation.

  • Check your marketing settings before duplication. These settings will also be duplicated. Once these settings are set, it will be very hard to undo this. Reead more about the basic marketing feature: Basic marketing feature Momice

  • If you duplicate a formal event, you also get a formal event. All texts are fixed in the formal text. A duplicated e-mail is also exactly the same as in the previous event. If you create a new e-mail in the event it does look at formal/informal.

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