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Imported fields

Use the imported fields in the Mail Module to inform your invitees about the event

Updated over a week ago

It is possible to insert data from your event database in the text of your email. The inserted information is called imported fields. You can use them to personalise your email salutation and/or show event-related details. This is what an imported field looks like:

Dear {firstname} or {field_16635}

The code can refer to the first name or the last name of your contact, as imported in the Registration Module. You can test the imported fields by clicking ‘Test and send’ and look at the ‘Preview’, or by sending yourself a test email.

You can also compose a formal salutation from your Mail Module. Read more about the formal salutation.

Inserting the imported fields works as follows:

  • Place the cursor in the place in the text where the tags should be inserted.

  • Click the button ‘Imported fields’.

  • Choose the field you want to import.

  • View the ‘Preview’ in ‘Test and send’ to see if the tags are displayed correctly. You can also send yourself a test email.

Please note: Don’t change the codes in the tags, just insert them - imported fields correspond to specific fields in your registration overview - by changing the code this reference gets lost and the information cannot be displayed properly in your email.

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