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Learn how to personalize your email by composing the salutation here

Updated over a week ago

In the Registration Module, you choose 'Add guests' and then 'Import list'. You can choose to download the Excel Template, or use your own file. Add a new column 'Gender' or 'Salutation' in your own Excel File. Put a 0 for all female invitees and a 1 for male invitees.

PLEASE NOTE: To import gender, change the language settings to 'formal'.

Go to step 1 of the Website Module. Click on 'Language' here. Change your language setting to 'formal'. Go to your email in the Mail Module. Above the mail editor, you find the option 'Compose salutation'. Select the elements you want to include in the salutation and click 'Save'. Now, you can change the order of the elements by dragging and dropping them. Finally you can indicate whether or not you want to start the insertion with a capital. Choose 'Save' again. Momice will show 3 random examples from the registration overview.

The desired salutation (eg. 'Dear' or 'Hi') has to be typed in manually at the top of the email. After this, you can click 'Insert fixed elements' and choose 'Salutation'.

Save your email and view the Example (Test and send) or send a test mail to see if the salutation is displayed correctly. Excess spaces are automatically deleted.

The salutation in the mail looks at the language of the invitee. You can test the salutation properly by selecting an invitee. To do this, click on the "Choose invitees from overview" button. Select yourself or a colleague as test person. Make sure there is 1 invitee selected. Momice will now use you or your colleague as a test registration.

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