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Desktop Menus

Choose from the multiple desktop menus

Updated over a week ago

You can choose from 3 different menu options for your event website on laptop or desktop. Choose your option, depending on the number of website pages and the preferred (house) style of your event. Each menu can be used with or without icons.

Vertical slider menu

Suitable for: website with many pages and minimal design.
When the visitor clicks the menu, a slider appears from the side. In the menu, all pages are shown and a visitor can scroll down to see them.

Horizontal buttons (including dropdown)

Suitable for: website with few pages and direct navigation.
4 pages are displayed in the menu bar. In case you have more pages but still want to use this style, all extra pages (more than 4) will appear in a dropdown menu.

Dropdown menu

Suitable for: quick navigation through many pages - and a matching app menu.
When a visitor hovers over the menu, a dropdown showing all pages appears.

For mobile representation, you can also choose from different menu options. Read more

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