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Mobile Menus (smartphone and tablet)
Mobile Menus (smartphone and tablet)

Make use of different mobile menus on your smartphone and tablet.

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Your website will automatically be rendered to an appropriate representation on mobile devices. However, you can improve the user experience by designing a customised mobile menu. There are various options:

Slider menu

Your visitor starts at the homepage. When they click on the menu icon (hamburger), the menu will slide in from the side. The menu displays all pages in the website: the visitor can scroll down to see all the pages.

App menu: Grid

This menu option shows a grid, displaying several menu options, instead of the homepage. In other words: it overrules the homepage of your website. You can use the grid to display 1, 2 or 3 icons per line - and adjust the design to your preferences, using background colour, font colour and images.

App menu: List

This option also gives an alternative to the homepage: it lists all menu pages in one column (text). You can pick background and font colours and choose icons. A button that directs your visitor to the homepage is also included. More about the homepage.

Tip: in the run-up to the event, you can use the slider menu to show all the content on your page. By switching to the Grid or List menu on the day of the event, you give your visitors an event app experience - and help them navigate quickly.

Don't forget to style this menu upfront! You can do this in the preparation phase and save the template. Now you can easily switch between templates. Read more about saving templates.

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