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Widgets (homepage)

Use widgets to build your Homepage with

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A widget is a 'block' of content you can easily place on your website. The widgets are used to build up the homepage.

The widgets are based on the content of the detail pages. In order to use the widgets, you need to set up the detail pages first. After this, you can create your website in no-time, using these handy content blocks.

You can add, delete or adjust the order of the widgets at any time. For each widget you can determine the content, background (color and/or image) and button.


The header widget shows the first screen-wide image your visitor will see. In ‘content’ you can choose whether you want to display a logo to a title. You can add a call to action to this header, by adding a button, linked to another page (eg. ‘Register’ or ‘Buy Ticket’, linked to the registration page).


Once you have determined the content of your website pages, you can add and style the page widgets. Per page, you can decide which content you wish to display. When a page contains more than one aspect, you can select which one you want to show to your visitors. For example: in case of multiple locations, you can choose which one(s) should appear on your homepage.


The text widget can be used to add a short text paragraph to your website. You can edit the text in the text editor, add a background (color or image) and place a button if desired.


You can use this widget to place images on your homepage. TIP: add a color filter to keep all your images consistent.

Countdown clock

The countdown clock shows exactly how many more months, weeks, days hours and minutes are left until the event starts. Once you have entered the start and finish time of your event, the clock starts counting. You can style the clock by adjusting the background color and font.

Horizontal line

You can place a line before or after any other widget - and adjust the color and the width of each line if needed.


A call-to-action means you encourage your visitor to ‘do something’, eg. register or buy a ticket. You can use the button widget for this. Style and name your button - and link it to the preferred page.


Momice automatically creates a unique QR-code for each event website. Include the QR-code in your homepage, to direct your visitors to the mobile event website on their smartphone or tablet. Please note: Have you chosen a customized url? Then change the Momice url to your customized url so that your event website is completely whitelabeled.


The map widget shows an overview of the map with the addresses of the event location(s). Choose from six different styles: Standard, Silver, Retro, Dark, Night and Aubergine.

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