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Testing registration

Test your registration well to make sure the entire registration flow is clear

Updated over a week ago

It is important to test the registration process thoroughly, if you want to achieve flawless registration. When registration is not clear to your invitee, due to errors and/or lack of clarity, chances that a person does not register will strongly increase. Make sure all is clear-cut and that your settings are correct. Here are some tips:

Testing individually

You as organiser are automatically included in the registration overview of all your events. Add yourself to the list of recipients of the invitation email. Send yourself a test email and walk through all the steps of the registration process, starting with the link in the invitation. Check the texts in the invitation email, confirmation email and on the registration page. Click on all links in all emails to test them. In case you work with extra guest or waiting list registration, walk through all scenarios. In case you make use of a waiting list, temporarily change the maximum capacity to zero, in order to check the process.

Testing with others

In order to make sure that your invitation, registration form and confirmation emails are clear it is advised to test them with other people. Manually add one or more team members to the registration overview and send them a test email. Add a short introduction, asking your team member to check texts, links and forms, and ask them to walk through all phases and scenarios.

Testing with the Momice team

Do you have trouble finding co-testers? The Momice is always willing to help. Contact our Support Center via [email protected]

Testing paid tickets

If you are selling tickets to your event, it is possible to test the full process, including payment.

Please note: you can only test the payment by actually purchasing a ticket for the event.

If you want to walk through these steps, you can lower the ticket price for testing purposes. Prices cannot be lower than €1, due to the transaction costs and Momice service fee. The turnover from the test tickets will be added to your total event turnover - and thus be returned to you in the payout (minus the transaction costs and service fee).

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