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Label settings

Change your label settings in the Ticket Module

Updated over a week ago

With the Zebra printer you can print labels on 2 formats. These labels are tailored to the printing area of the printer and have a white background and matte finish. The labels are always per 1,000 pieces on a roll. The font of the print is not adjustable and the font size scales with the length of the entered text.

  • Standard: 90mm x 40mm | Label with first name, last name, company and function.

  • Large: 90mm x 65mm | Space for the above, QR code (Session check-in label) and 1 additional field.

  • Large: 90mm x 65mm | Space for the above, QR code (Personal program label) and 1 additional field.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the workshop questions are shown on the personal program label.

In the Momice Ticket Module you select the desired type of label at 'Check-in' and set which data you want to show printed on the label. Please note: When you choose the large format label, the personal QR-code of the guest will be added automatically. This QR-code is unique for each participant of the event and corresponds with the QR-code on the e-ticket. Please note: if you want to show a QR-code, you need the large format label.

Please contact Momice for purchasing labels. We aim to ship labels within 3 working days.

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