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Testing your survey

Use the survey page and test it multiple times

Updated over a week ago

It is strongly advised to test your survey multiple times - you can do this as often as you want. Remember to erase the test results from the statistics overview, in order to keep your test results clean - and save yourself a lot of work during a later phase. Go to the Statistics Module, Survey Results and choose ‘Reset statistics’.

Please note: When you change the order of your survey questions and test a new version of your survey, an error notification may occur.

This is mostly because your browser saves the questions in the ‘cache’. If you change the order of the questions, the order in the cache does no longer correspond to the new information. You as organiser are they only one to receive this notification - your visitors will not see it when starting their survey. You can solve the issue by emptying your cache in your browser and restart it, or by opening the survey in a different browser.

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