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Skip logic

Use skip logic in your survey to avoid asking questions that are not relevant to your invitees

Updated over a week ago

For your respondents, it is pleasant if the survey is short and to the point. Surveys that are made with this in mind have a higher completion rate. Some questions only apply to specific respondents. In that case, it is good to let the other respondents skip the questions that don’t apply to them. Example:

Question 7: Did you attend one or more workshops?

NO: Go to question 10 (in this case questions 8 and 9 ask specific questions about the workshop)

With the Survey Module in Momice software, you can build up this type of question by using Skip Logic. Skip Logic questions are only visible to the respondents for which they are relevant.

Please note: Skip Logic only works with closed questions and doesn't work if you use the option 'Other,...'.

Skip Logic is easy to use, however it requires a few steps:

  1. Formulate all your survey questions in the Website Module (Step 3).

  2. Determine the questions that are not relevant for all respondents.

  3. Open the question from which a respondent can skip one or question(s).

  4. Look at the answer options, and choose ‘Skip Logic on’. Now you can determine the logic for the follow-up questions.

  5. Open the follow-up question(s) and select: “Only show this question at Skip Logic response”. Now these questions will not be visible to the other respondents.

  6. Check the logic in the question overview - and test all different possibilities thoroughly! You can adjust the logic and the order, until you are happy with the results.

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