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Sharing your event website on social media

Use the marketing settings to share your event on social media

Updated over a week ago

The following settings determine how your event is presented on social media channels:

  • Event name (SEO-title)
    Place your event name or event payoff. Please note: search engines use this information to index your website.

  • Description
    This description appears below or next to your event name. Write a short and catchy introduction of max. 155 characters.

  • Image
    Every social media channel has different specifics for images. For a correct representation, select an image of min. 640 px wide or high.

Please note: Fill in this data before you put the event live in step 5 of the Website Module.

After activating the event website, the data will be indexed by Google. If you change data or the image at a later time, it is unknown when Google will re-index it. This can sometimes take weeks or months. Think carefully about what data and image you add here.

Tip: Use this Post Inspector to check the representation of your event on LinkedIn:

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