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Editing website texts / Website text editor
Editing website texts / Website text editor

Use the following tips to format your website texts in Momice

Updated over a week ago

The Momice text editor is a web-text editor. This works a little differently than your regular offline text editor (eg. Word). Here are some tips:

  • Format: Momice text editor has four text formats. You can select any phrase in your text and choose one of the following formats: Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and body.

  • ENTER: If you want to start your text on a new line, you are used to pressing [ENTER]. However, pressing [ENTER] in a web-editor means starting a new paragraph. If you want to start on a new line, hold [SHIFT] and press [ENTER].

  • TAB: In HTML (web-editor) you cannot use TAB in order to align your texts. Use the standard styles for a neat layout: justify text, bullets, and dashes. A less accurate alternative is aligning your text manually, using [SHIFT] + [ENTER] and [SPACE]

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