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E-mail drafting and layout

Create and design e-mail in the Mail Module. Use the widgets, add an image or button, for example

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You can create a new email, or finish an existing concept at any moment from your Mail Module. Every new email is automatically saved in ‘Drafts’, until you send it to your contacts.

TIP: You can add emojis in the mailings.

Please note: Your cache may remember an old image. Always change the filename of your image.

If you want to re-use the design of your email, you can easily duplicate the email by clicking the ‘Forward’ icon in your ‘Sent items’ folder. Once duplicated, you can find the email in your ‘Drafts’ folder. Every email automatically includes a registration link, unsubscribe link and website link. You can remove them if needed.


  • Add 1 or more images to your email. 

  • Images larger than 600 pixels are automatically scaled to match the standard width of 600 pixels.

  • The padding around the image can be adjusted from 0 - 50 px.

  • You can mage you images clickable, by entering a hyperlink. Use a CTA or link them to an external website or Youtube video.


This is a text field. This widget contains a text editor: adjust the font style and color. You can add 'Fixed elements' (calendar, registration, cancellation, event website, code or ticket links) and import fields (first name, last name, event name etc.).

You cannot reduce white spaces in bullets. To reduce white space between paragraphs, you may follow the following steps:

  1. Return the sentence of the second paragraph to the previous sentence.

  2. Now click shift + enter + enter.

Text box

A text box has a coloured background that can be adjusted. You can use this widget for your footer. The text box widget also contains a text editor and you can import fixed elements and fields.

Button (Call-to-Action)

Add a clear call-to-action to each mail, by placing a button (eg. buy your ticket now). For each button you can determine the style (colour, text, borders) and the target (where it is linked to). With buttons you can only use HEX colors. Buttons are always shown below each other.

Horizontal line

The horizontal line can be used as a divider in your email. You can adjust the colour and style of the line.

Editing texts

When you are composing an email, the layout will sometimes differ from the layout in your text program. In most cases, this has to do with 'hidden formatting'. This hidden formatting comes from working in text editors like Word.

This is how you remove the hidden formatting from your text: 

  • Copy all text to a text editor without formatting, like 'Wordpad' (Windows) or 'TextEdit' (Mac).

  • Go to 'Format' and choose 'Make plain text'.

  • Copy all text and past it back in Momice.

  • Please note: links will be removed. You have to manually add them to your text.

TIP: Always use WordTextEdit to create your event texts, so you avoid hidden formatting in your texts.


Momice supports all common email clients. However, we cannot guarantee that all images are displaid correctly on all devices. This depends on the email settings on a company level.

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